IND beat PAK by 7 wickets
Man of the Match - Jasprit Bumrah
42.5/50 Ovrs
30.3/50 Ovrs
ICC Cricket World Cup, 2023 |Match 12 |10/14/2023
Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad
  • Right then, now that we have got this colossal clash out of the way, the cricketing world can take a deep breath and things can move forward as there's plenty more cricketing action left to come in the 2023 World Cup. Up next is a clash between England and Afghanistan in Delhi on Sunday, the 15th of October and that match will begin at 2 pm IST (8.30 am GMT). But you can join us early for the build-up to the game. Till then, take care and goodbye.
  • Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma says that the bowlers set the game up for them, and restricting Pakistan to 191 was a great effort. Mentions that it looked like they would score 270-280 when it was 150 odd for 2. Shares that they take in pride themselves for getting the job done with the ball. Adds that they are blessed to have six individuals who can get the job done with the ball. Feels that whoever is having a good day needs to make sure that he gets the job done. Further adds that his job as a captain is to assess the wicket and figure out the bowler to do the job. Feels that it was important that the batters got runs leading up to the World Cup. Adds that bowlers getting wickets in the lead-up also helped. Also says that they do not want to get too excited or get too low. Ends by saying that they want to stay balanced and do not want to play well on that particular day.
  • Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan says that they did start well with the openers going well and were trying to build a partnership after losing them. However, all of a sudden they lost wickets in a hurry and that wasn't a good thing. Adds that it wasn't a good performance with the bat and they should have got to at least 280. Also mentions that they are not up to the mark with the new ball and gives credit to Rohit Sharma for the way he played and they needed to pick up early wickets which didn't happen.
  • Jasprit Bumrah is the Player of the Match for his stellar spell. He starts by saying that it felt good and adds that he tries to analyze the surface as quickly as possible. Shares that the wicket was on the slower side and as the ball got older, it started to reverse and gripped as well. Mentions that it is all about trying to make it difficult for the batters to hit. Reckons that being aware is important in reading the wicket. Adds that he used to ask a lot of questions to his seniors which helped him develop the knowledge of reading wickets. On the wicket delivery to Mohammad Rizwan, he says that he saw that Ravindra Jadeja was getting the ball to grip and thought of using the change-up. On Shadab Khan's wicket, he says that the ball was reversing and looked to bowl the outswinger. Adds that he is really happy with the execution. Ends by saying that he has seen Wasim Akram and Waqar Younus bowl magical deliveries while growing up and to be praised by Waqar Younis feels great.
  • The Presentation ceremony...
  • Earlier in the game, Rohit Sharma won the toss and had no hesitation in bowling first. But, it was Pakistan who got off to a decent start with the bat as runs flowed from one end against Mohammed Siraj who did keep his head up and got that crucial first wicket. India picked up another quick wicket but then came the stand between Pakistan's two most experienced batters as Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan looked right on top of proceedings. Babar got to fifty and got out trying to be cheeky and that opened the floodgates. They lost 8 wickets for the next 36 runs and were bundled out for 191 with five Indian bowlers picking up a couple of wickets each. Coming to the chase, it was fast and furious from Rohit Sharma and co as they breezed through with almost 20 overs remaining and joined New Zealand on three wins from three.
  • Pakistan, after a very bright start to the contest, have simply been rolled over by India and such a defeat could be a mental blow to what otherwise has been a pretty solid start to the campaign for them. With hardly any runs to defend, Pakistan bowlers started off wayward with the ball as well. Shaheen Afridi looked a shadow of his past self and Hasan Ali just didn't have the pace to trouble the batters. Shaheen did use the change-ups well and got an early wicket for his side but they failed to build on it. Runs were flowing at a hemorrhaging rate and soon enough, Babar Azam knew that any chances of a comeback had gone. Hasan Ali and Shaheen Afridi got one more wicket each as neither the spinners nor the pace of Haris Rauf could make an impact on the game. In the end, they were a distant second-best in this game.
  • With a pretty small target of 192 runs needed to be chased down, India got off to an absolute flier with both openers racking up the boundaries. Shubman Gill announced his return with a fast start but fell soon enough. Skipper, Rohit Sharma however looked like he had been batting out there the whole day and kept on punishing the Pakistani bowlers. Virat Kohli came out with a positive intent as well and their stand of 56 quickfire runs broke the back of the run chase. Virat got out but Rohit went on to score 86 runs off 63 balls before getting out and on his way to those 86 runs, he became the first ODI batter to nocth up 300 sixes. Another positive for India was that Shreyas Iyer got a good look in and got a half-century and along with KL Rahul, finished off the game without a fuss.
  • After reaching seventh heaven in 2019, India take one more step toward cloud nine as they bring up an eighth successive victory over arch-rivals Pakistan in ODI World Cups and this has been a truly dominating performance from the host nation. 100,000 plus crowd inside the stadium and millions watching worldwide and India have risen up to the occasion.
  • 30.3
    Mohammad Nawaz to Shreyas Iyer, FOUR! Game, set, match! Shreyas Iyer gets to his FIFTY and finishes the game in style for India! Mohammad Nawaz gives the ball air nicely and serves it full, on middle, Shreyas Iyer shimmies down the track in a flash and thumps it back over the bowler's head. The ball races away to the fence in quick time to seal the deal for the Men in Blue. Indian win by 7 wickets and more than 19 overs to spare! 
  • 30.2
    Mohammad Nawaz to KL Rahul, Tossed up, on off, KL Rahul makes room and ends up chipping it on the off side but wide of cover for a single.
  • 30.1
    Mohammad Nawaz to Shreyas Iyer, Drops it short, on middle and leg, Shreyas Iyer goes deep in his crease and turns it away in front of square. He wants to return for the second but has to settle for a single. .
  • END OF OVER 30 | 4 Runs & 0 Wkt | IND 186/3
  • 29.6
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, Short of a good length, on off, KL Rahul hangs on the back foot and dabs it with soft hands towards point. It will be Shreyas Iyer on strike at the start of the next over who is two runs away from a fifty. 
  • 29.5
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, Serves it on a good length, on middle, KL Rahul gets behind the line and keeps it out on the off side.
  • 29.4
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, A bit too full, on middle, KL Rahul drives well again but straight to mid on.
  • 29.3
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, Full and shaping in, on off, driven firmly to mid off.
  • 29.2
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, FOUR! Muscled wide of mid on! In the slot by Hasan Ali, on middle, KL Rahul stays still all the way and hammers it to the left of mid on for a boundary. India just a hit away now. 
  • 29.1
    Hasan Ali to KL Rahul, Targets the stumps, on a good length, KL Rahul drives it on the up, down the wicket but Hasan Ali sticks out his right hand and makes a good stop.
  • END OF OVER 29 | 6 Runs & 0 Wkt | IND 182/3
  • 28.6
    Mohammad Nawaz to Shreyas Iyer, Slanting in, on middle, Shreyas Iyer stands tall and turns it to mid-wicket. 
  • 28.5
    Mohammad Nawaz to KL Rahul, Flatter delivery, on off, KL Rahul premeditates by using his feet and checks his shot to cover for a single.
  • 28.4
    Mohammad Nawaz to KL Rahul, Slows it up, full and around middle, KL Rahul makes room and stabs it towards cover.
  • 28.3
    Mohammad Nawaz to KL Rahul, Angling into the batter, punched back to the bowler by KL Rahul.
  • 28.2
    Mohammad Nawaz to KL Rahul, FOUR! Sloppy and it sums up the day Pakistan have had! Mohammad Nawaz floats it up, full and outside off, KL Rahul puts the dancing shoes on and drills it down the ground. Iftikhar Ahmed sprints to his right and slides at long off but lets the ball go through his grasp for a boundary.