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Video Doesn't Show Women Demanding 'Promised Money' Outside Congress MP's Office

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A video showing Congress MP Kumari Selja holding a press conference while several people cause a ruckus outside the room, leading to shattering of a glass door is going viral online.

  • The claim states that it shows local woman protesting and demanding Rs 8,500 which was 'promised' by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi under the Mahalakshmi Scheme.

  • Several users shared this claim including X (formerly Twitter) user '@MrSinha_' who has been flagged several times in the past for sharing mis/disinformation.


An archive of this post can be seen here.

(Archives of other posts sharing the same claim can be seen here and here.)

What's the truth?: This video is going viral with a false claim.

  • The video is from a press conference held on 13 June that was following Selja's victory in Sirsa constituency in Haryana.

  • It actually shows supporters of another Congress leader, Paramvir Singh, reportedly causing a ruckus outside the room demanding his involvement in the ongoing press conference.

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How did we find out the truth?: We noticed the logo of 'My City News' on the viral video and searched for their social media accounts.

  • We found their account on Facebook and the viral video was shared on 13 June 2024.

  • The video matched with the viral one and the caption stated in Hindi that the video shows Congress leaders, including Selja, having a press conference inside her office in Fatehpur, Haryana.

  • It adds that another Congress leader and former minister Paramvir Singh was left outside the room and excluded from the press conference (the reason is unknown).

  • This agitated Singh's supporters, who started causing a ruckus outside the room and in this process, a glass door was shattered.

  • It also adds that the room's door wasn't opening and the breakage caused them to open, as explained by Singh after entering the room.


An archive of this post can be seen here.

  • Further, we conducted a relevant keyword search using 'Selja Kumari press conference Singh breaks glass' on Google and this led us to several reports by ETV Bharat, Hindustan Times, Zee News, and Tribune.

  • These reports also stated that when Selja started the conference, Singh and his supporters began banging and pushing the door, causing a disturbance while Selja had asked them to stop the disturbance.

  • This led to breaking of a glass panel of the door, following which Singh entered the room and complained that the door had been locked, but Selja insisted it was not the case.

  • The videos does not show the leaders even mentioning the Mahalaxmi Scheme.

We have also reached out to Selja's office and the story will be updated when we get a response.

Conclusion: An unrelated video is being shared to falsely claim that women were demanding Congress MP Kumari Selja ₹8,500 under the Mahalakshmi scheme.

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