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'Swachh Indore Is Lagging Behind In Greenery,' Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav Encourages People To Grow Plants

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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Mayor of the cleanest city in the country, Pushyamitra Bhargav here on Thursday said that Indore is lagging behind in greenery despite its strides in other sectors.

"My pain is that my city is lagging behind in greenery. Trees are our shield against heat waves and our reservoirs for conserving water," he remarked, lamenting the city's dwindled green spaces at a symposium organized at a private college.

In a resounding call to action against climate change, Indore, known for its rapid development, now finds itself at the forefront of environmental conservation efforts. Amidst scorching temperatures and a growing concern over global warming, the city hosted the symposium on theme “National Symposium on the Importance of Green Cover in Urban Local Body.”

The event brought together national experts and stakeholders to address pressing issues of water scarcity, deforestation, and renewable energy.

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'We must NOT depend on external water sources like Narmada'

Dr Rajendra Singh, acclaimed as the 'Water Man of India,' emphasized the critical need for water conservation. "Indore must reduce its reliance on external water sources like the Narmada River," he said, advocating for local solutions to enhance soil health and bolster water retention within the city limits.

Padma Shri Shyam Sundar Paliwal drew inspiration from Indore's potential to lead by example. "We must plant seeds of change," he stated, advocating for compulsory tree plantations based on family size as a tangible step towards increasing green cover.

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'Switching to Solar energy ASAP is must'

Chetan Singh Solanki, known as the 'Solar Man,' underscored the urgency of transitioning from carbon-based energy to solar power. "Indore, renowned for its cleanliness, must now aim for international recognition in combating invisible pollutants," Solanki asserted.

Vishnu Lamba, recognized as the 'Tree Man of India,' stressed the importance of collective action. "This resolution is not just the mayor's or the minister's, but ours," Lamba said, proposing the establishment of a dedicated 'green army' to ensure sustainable practices endure.

The symposium witnessed attendees from various educational institutions, NGOs, and civic bodies, all echoing the sentiment that individual actions can spark global change.

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