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Kerala: 20 people suffer food poisoning from Kayamkulam hotel

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Food poison

Kayamkulam: About 20 people sought treatment in different hospitals after eating Shawai from the King Cafe Hotel in Kayamkulam. The municipal corporation intervened and closed the hotel. All of them ate Shawai from here on Sunday night. By the next day, many felt uneasy and sought treatment at hospitals.

The symptoms included vomiting, diarrhea, and back pain. Residents of Muthukulam, Kayamkulam, and Elippakulam sought treatment at a Government hospital. The rest of them sought treatment at various hospitals.

Kerala: Days after Kochi hotel's shawarma claimed youth's life, 6 more cases of food poisoning emerge

Vishnu (27) from Puthidam, Rahulunni (27) from Eruva, Rafi (28), Hilal (29), Nashik (27), Afzal (28), Mansoor (27) from Elippakulam were admitted to the Taluk Hospital and Nishad (27) from Elippakulam, Ajmal (28) and Ajmal (27) have also sought treatment at a private hospital.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Ernakulam experienced food poisoning after consuming a meal from Hotel Aryas in Kakkanad, Ernakulam on Monday. Following the incident, the municipality has ordered the closure of Hotel Aryas. Ananthakrishnan and his son had consumed items like neyroast, chutney, vada, and coffee from Arya's Vegetarian Restaurant.

On Monday morning, both individuals ate at the restaurant and subsequently faced health issues. While his son's problems were not severe, Ananthakrishnan's health worsened. Ananthakrishnan was seeking medical help after suffering from health problems such as diarrhea, cold, weakness, and high fever.

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