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Entertainment: Know Katrina Kaif's Favorite Food!

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Katrina Kaif: It can be said that eating home food is our comfort food. No matter how much we eat outside, the satisfaction of home food is not found anywhere else. Many times, simple homemade pulses and rice give us pleasure, which is not found in the food eaten in big restaurants outside. Homemade food is also very beneficial for our health. Our Bollywood actors and actresses are also not much different from us in this matter. Famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has also described home-made food as her favorite on Instagram.

Katrina Kaif recently asked me a question on her Instagram, in which one of her fans asked her about her favorite food, to which many people were surprised by Katrina's answer. Looking at the glamor of Bollywood, we often think that actors do not eat simple food like us. His diet will be very hi-fi. but it's not like that. Let us know, what is Katrina's favorite dish, after hearing that even her fans were surprised.

Katrina has shown her love for home-cooked food many times before. He likes home food very much. Katrina said that her favorite food is ridge gourd vegetables, cauliflower vegetables, and broccoli soup. Katrina shared a photo of soup, cauliflower vegetables, and ridge gourd vegetables in a bowl on her Instagram story and described them as her favorite food. Even before this, Katrina has told her food preferences many times. On a TV show, Katrina's husband Vicky Kaushal also talked about her food preferences he said that Katrina loves her mother's parathas.


During the promotion of her film, Katrina had said that her favorite food was pancake. About which her husband has also told. Katrina has also shared the photo of pancake on her Instagram post. Katrina did this Ask Me a Question to talk to her fans after the release of her film Tiger 3. For the promotion of her film, Katrina was also seen in the World Cup final with her co-actor Salman Khan.

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