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Google Photos may soon have an Instagram Stories-like feature

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Google is working on a new feature for its Photos app. Dubbed My Week, it is an Instagram Stories-like feature where Google Photos users will be able to select and add photos as highlights.

What is Google Photos My Week feature ?
According to a report by Android Authority, code sleuth AssembleDebug managed to enable this My Week feature in the latest version of the Google Photos app. Once rolled out to all users, a tile will appear on the top left corner that reads “Introducing My Week” with your avatar and a '+' button.

Tapping on the tile will prompt you to set up the feature and select photos “that bring your last couple of weeks to life or just make you smile.” The report adds that users will be able to invite other Google Photos users to their My Week, who will then be able to view your weekly highlights in a vertical format, similar to stories on Instagram.

Other users can like and leave comments on these photo highlights.

In another news, switching from Google Photos to iCloud Photos has got an upgrade. Thanks to a new data transfer tool developed collaboratively by Apple and Google, migrating your cherished memories is now a seamless process.

Previously, transferring photos and videos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos involved a cumbersome manual download and upload process. This often discouraged users from switching, despite the potential benefits of iCloud Photos' integration with Apple devices.

The new data transfer tool signifies a welcome collaboration between Apple and Google. This initiative, known as the Data Transfer Initiative , aims to empower users with more control over their data by simplifying the process of transferring information between different services.

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