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Do we purposefully exist in life?

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Most of us rarely consider our real purpose in life. Is there a supreme reason for our existence? Can we have a fulfilling destiny regardless of our current situation? Can we be certain of future happiness, joy, and peace?

We can visualise the future and have hopes, dreams, and creative imagination far beyond any other life form. Do these gifts and dreams perish when we die? This is worth considering. We ought to think about it but not assume anything. In the Bible , God decrees the fate of nations and prophesies world-shaking future events that are unfolding before our eyes.

Human beings did not just happen by chance. The revealed word of God shows that man was purposefully created. God describes how He designed each creature “according to its kind,” Genesis 1:21, 24–25. God saw that His work was good. People often feel guilty for enjoying themselves or taking pride in their achievements. This is unnecessary. Just as God felt good about His work, we can be pleased with ours. However, we should only feel good about our work if it aligns with what pleases God. What are we doing that pleases both us and God?

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, God the Father, Son—Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, according to Our likeness.” The man was given a mind distinct from any animal brain. Unlike other creatures, man has a creative imagination and the capacity to analyse himself.

Today, humanity has progressed to the point where we could destroy ourselves. Man can send rockets into outer space, spacecraft beyond our solar system, land on the moon and Mars, store vast amounts of information in computers, and detonate hydrogen atoms in powerful explosions.

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ prophesied this situation when he warned of great distress that could lead to no flesh being saved unless those days were shortened, Matthew 24:21–22. In this reference, Jesus talks about the end times, combining near and distant future events. This knowledge should motivate us to live rightly now. In simple words, unless the Creator intervenes to save His creation from self-destruction, mankind will obliterate all human life on Earth. But God's purpose for giving man great intelligence will stand.

From the beginning, man was placed over physical creation on earth with the capacity and responsibility to help direct and judge his fellow man under God, Exodus 18:13–26. Humanity was given God-like responsibility from the start. People in positions of responsibility often feel they are the only ones who can manage necessary tasks. However, others can manage part of the workload. Delegation relieves stress and enhances the quality of governance. Proper delegation can increase effectiveness and provide growth opportunities for others.

True saints are called by God for a purpose. Could anything be clearer? Yet many misguided people still believe in an eternity of doing nothing. They do not realise true believers are called for a wonderful, exciting purpose.

Authored by: Andrew Rodrigues

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