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Kartik Aaryan Did Not Eat His Birthday Cake. Trainer Tridev Pandey Lauds Actor's Dedication | EXCLUSIVE

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Kartik Aaryan’s trainer for Chandu Champion, Tridev Pandey, who was instrumental in helping the actor get in shape for playing a national level athlete has now come out and lauded the actor’s dedication towards his craft. According to Tridev, Kartik was so honest to his role in the Kabir Khan film that he did not even eat his birthday cake. Kartik celebrates his birthday on November 23.

Known for being a foodie, it must have been difficult for Kartik to abstain for so long due to his role. In an exclusive interaction with Zoom, Tridev revealed that Kartik believed in the fact that they could not take any shortcuts or steroids and injections to achieve the body he ultimately showcased in the film. “He was following a normal diet for the first nine or 10 months of training. However, when we reached the halfway mark I told him that we only have 10 months left to achieve his body goals,” he explained, adding, “I showed him scientifically that if we do not stick to a particular diet, we would never be able to reach that level of fitness we were aiming for.”

“Kartik was shocked,” Tridev revealed, but added that once the actor understood the science behind it, he fell into the routine.

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“I showed him the picture, and told him he can't beat the science because we are going naturally. I showed him a clear picture on paper and explained to him that we have to cut down everything and follow proper diet without having to compensate. He realised and started a complete diet. And I'm very grateful,” Tridev said.

And that was just the beginning. Kartik got so engrossed in his metamorphisis that he even abstained for eating his own birthday cake.

Tridev revealed. “I tell you one inciden. It was 22 November and we were celebrating Kartik’s birthday somewhere in Bandra. Everyone knew he was following a proper diet and they even got a healthy cake for him. He cut the cake and looked towards me. I said, 'Bhai khalo, ek se kuch nahin hoga.’ But hats off to him, in my entire sports athlete career, I never seen this stick to their diet so much.He just cut the cake and let it go. He didn't even eat anything.”

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Tridev went on to add that during the entire shoot of the film, people would often get delicacies to the set. People who were on break would often come back with homecooked meals and even offter them to Kartik.

"Throughout the shoot on different locations, whenever someone was coming from their holiday, they would get something from him, especially for Kartik. And he had to refuse. 'Sorry, I'm on diet,’ he would often have to say. It showed how much dedicated he is towards what you're doing.”

“He is a good student,” Tridev signed off.
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