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Chennai Outer Ring Road Accident: 2 Killed, 4 Injured; Police Probe Racing, Hit-and-Run

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Chennai: On Saturday evening, an accident on the Outer Ring Road (ORR) near Vazhuthigaimedu village killed two bike riders and seriously injured four others. The exact cause of the accident remains unclear due to a malfunctioning camera in the area, leaving police to rely on speculation and incomplete evidence.

The deceased were identified as Mani, 25, from Kundrathur, and Sam, 26, as per a TOI report. The injured, all of whom were unconscious when found, include Mohana Krishnan, 30, from Besant Nagar; Marimuthu, 22, from Kannagi Nagar; and Jasper, 20, from Mangadu. The identity of the fourth injured person, who is currently in a coma, has yet to be determined.

Red Hills traffic investigation police received reports of the accident on Saturday evening and quickly arrived at the scene. They transported the injured to a hospital, while the bodies of the deceased were sent for post-mortem examinations.

Senior police officers have confirmed that an autorickshaw was involved in the accident. However, there are conflicting theories about the nature of the incident. Some police sources suggest it could have been caused by reckless bike racing, while others believe it might have been a hit-and-run involving a red car. A piece of metal found at the accident site has fueled the latter speculation.

Local residents noted that the ORR has become a popular spot for youngsters performing bike stunts, which were previously done at the Sholavaram airstrip. This has raised concerns that the accident might have been the result of such activities.

“All six individuals involved in the accident did not know each other, nor did their families. We are unsure why they were in that location. There are CCTV cameras every two kilometres along the stretch, but a few were not working on Saturday night. We are reviewing footage from other cameras on the ORR to trace their movements and expect to have more details in a day or two,” said a senior police officer investigating the case.

The police are continuing their investigation and a probe is underway.

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