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Top 5 Forgotten Facts About World Heavyweight Championship

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WWE Legend Triple H recently made a huge announcement when he brought back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as WWE needed a new World title since Roman Reigns does not defend his title regularly. Triple H also confirmed that the title will be defended regularly unlike the Universal title and the fans are really excited about the return of the title.

It is rumored that the title will follow the timeline of the title of the same name that was unified with the WWE title back in 2013. WWE introduced the Universal title back in 2016 after the second brand split and it became the second World title apart from the WWE title.

image World Heavyweight. Image Credits: Twitter Top 5 Forgotten Facts About World Heavyweight Championship

Now after Roman Reigns won both WWE title and the Universal title, WWE had no other choice but to reintroduce the World Heavyweight title. So here are some of the forgotten facts about the original World Heavyweight title that was introduced back in 2002. Note* We will only talk about the World Heavyweight title in WWE and not from WCW.

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