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Amp up your fashion game this monsoon with these tips

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Monsoon is here and with it comes a new trend that is the solution to all your rainy-day style dilemmas. However, one can still amp up their fashion statement during these monsoons if only they opt for some tricks and tips. So here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your fashion game strong.

Ditch your denims
The most crucial thing during the monsoon season is to remember that light weight fabrics are your bestie. Just like Orry sticks to Bollywood celebrities, so do these lightweight fabric to your body this monsoon. Ditch your denim. Bring your lenins out, opt for nylon. Bright colours will add the much-needed cheer to your mood.

Get yourself fancy shorts

It is a crime, you can be arrested if you are walking on the streets (especially in Mumbai, where the hunt for the core of Earth is ongoing), wearing long, flared pants. Invest in some fancy shorts. Go for a lightweight fabric, so even if they get wet, they can easily dry up. Thank us later for this tip.

Crocs to up your fashion game
If you have a heart there is no way you would wear your shoes in this season. That is the reason you must opt for crocs, clogs that are the latest fad in the fashion circuit. You can try Crocs' iconic Classic Clogs that come in a wide range of colours. Furthermore, you can also decorate your clogs with personalized Jibbitz charms, as they truly allow you to express yourself in your own unique way and add a touch of flair to any outfit. So forget soggy sneakers, this monsoon it's all about rocking the statement clog.

Do not forget skincare
Monsoon can be really harsh to your skin as well. This monsoon ensure that you take good care of your skin. Don't let the monsoon rain dampen your glow! You can choose a brand like Beauty by BiE that offers a complete skincare arsenal to combat the challenges of the season. Try their Double Cleanse, featuring the Fresh Forward Deep hydrating Cleanser, effectively removes excess moisture and impurities, leaving your skin refreshed. And don't forget to shield your skin from the sun's rays. It is often thought that since it is raining, sunscreens can be a given a miss. But that is the gravest mistake you would make if you ditched your sunscreen.

Monsoon jewels
It is a known fact that you minimal is the best for monsoon. However, adding a bit of jewel to your look would just enhance your look. Look for jewelry pieces that are perfect for travel during the monsoon season, that are compact, versatile, and durable items that are easy to pack and can enhance any travel outfit. Gargi by P N Gadgil & Sons has a few of such jewel options.

Waterproof bags
For the heaven’s sake do you not take a waterproof bag cover for your bag. Rather invest in a bag that is waterproof and would elevate your fashion statement.

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