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This 'cracking' chocolate drink is going viral in Dubai

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In the vibrant culinary scene of Dubai, known for its constant innovation in food trends, a recent sensation has captured the spotlight on social media: the cracking chocolate drink.

Following in the footsteps of the crafted from pistachio-knafeh goodness, this unique beverage not only delights the taste buds but also creates an audio-visual spectacle, making it a favourite among food enthusiasts and content creators alike.

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Imagine pouring a rich chocolate drink into a cup, only to hear it crackle and pop as it settles. This is essentially the core of Dubai's viral cracking chocolate drink, which has made it a hit on social media.

A sensory experience that combines taste with sound, the viral drink is capturing the attention of curious onlookers everywhere. Videos showcasing this drink have flooded platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where users are sharing mesmerising ASMR clips of the cracking sounds.

Crafted with a blend of high-quality chocolate lining the plastic cups, this drink can come in a variety of flavours. The flavours popular on social media include chocolate milkshakes, matcha, caramel latte, and more.

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Netizens have also been experimenting with DIY versions of this drink, creating mango milkshakes and other delightful concoctions. What ties these drinks together is the aesthetics of the chocolate-coated cups, contributing to its viral sensation.

As with any new-age trend, social media platforms have played a pivotal role in catapulting the #CrackingChocolateDrink to stardom across the globe.

Influencers and everyday users have posted countless videos, featuring creative presentations and close-up shots that highlight the drink's sensory allure, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

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However, amidst its popularity, the viral cracking drink has also faced criticism for its environmental impact. The cups used for serving the drink are typically made from plastic, contributing to disposable waste and single-use plastic consumption.

This aspect has sparked discussions among consumers, urging for more sustainable alternatives to be considered. Some content creators recreating the drink at home through DIY recipes have been using biodegradable glasses and paper cups as alternatives.

For those eager to experience the cracking chocolate drink firsthand, Dubai offers a variety of cafes and eateries where this sensation can be enjoyed.

Whether you're a chocolate aficionado or simply intrigued by viral food trends, indulging in this drink promises a memorable and Instagram-worthy experience.

Logout Cafe, situated in Al Safa, has hopped on the trend with their unique take on this social media sensation. Their ‘Crispy Chocolate’ comes encased in a tempting chocolate shell, with variations such as 'Crispy Matcha', and 'Crispy Raspberry Cheesecake', formulating a rich, decadent blend of dessert in a drinkable form.

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Another hotspot offering the viral cracking drink is Kawfee in Sharjah, which puts a unique spin on the trend by adding coffee to the mix. Indulge in an Iced Mocha to cool off during the hot summer months while relishing the tempting chocolate shell.

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Together Cafe in Yas Plaza, Abu Dhabi, has been showcasing its dreamy blend of caramel macchiato poured into a chocolate shell cup on its TikTok account. With every 'crack' of a sip, it will make for a perfect reward at the end of your next road trip to Abu Dhabi! Let's do this trendy cracking cup 😍! 🍫 #abudhabi #coffee #trend ♬ sonido original - rolitas Iván

So, next time you find yourself in Dubai, or in any other Emirate, don't miss the chance to savour the cracking chocolate drink and discover firsthand what makes it a ‘cracking’ sensation.

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