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Restaurant Review: A culinary passage to India

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Situated on Level 1 of Dubai Festival City Mall, with a picturesque waterfront view, Kashkan offers a culinary voyage spanning the green valleys of Kashmir to the coastlines of Kanyakumari. The extensive menu features a diverse array of dishes from Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab, Southeast, and Kanyakumari, capturing the cultural essence, festivals, flavours, and spirits of India. Renowned Traveller Chef Ranveer Brar skilfully encapsulates Indian culture and culinary art, providing a one-stop celebration of India.

The restaurant's ambient lighting creates a rich atmosphere, contributing to a relaxed and elegant feel for customers. The interactive dining presentation, such as the five cabanas representing different regions, including Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab, Southeast, and Kanyakumari, enhance the immersive Indian dining experience.

In the appetiser selection, Kashkan brings joy with the famous , reminiscent of the vibrant streets of Mumbai. The , offers a burst of flavours as you bite into the crisp shells filled with a delightful mixture of tangy, spicy, and sweet ingredients. The chicken 65 is a standout, offering a perfect combination of crispy texture and succulent juiciness. The chicken tenders are exceptionally soft, almost melting in the mouth.

Moving on to the main courses, the lobster pepper fry takes centre stage, featuring lobster medallions tossed in a reduction of pepper, garlic, and shallots, accompanied by roasted coconut slivers adds complexity to the dish, enhancing its flavour. The murg tikka makhani makes a lasting impression with its tender chicken immersed in a tomato and cashew nut gravy, enriched with cream and butter. It creates a harmonious balance of sweetness and spiciness. For vegetarians, the masala is a savoury delight, showcasing cheese and potato dumplings in a tomato cashew gravy.

Pairing these delightful dishes with Kashkan's special naan, a Chef's special tandoor-baked bread stuffed with nuts, cashews, ginger, and saffron, adds a unique touch. It is a one-of-a-kind naan. The classic garlic naan pairs perfectly with the murg tikka makhani. Yellow and basmati rice provide comfort, with thecooked to perfection and soft and warm basmati rice. For drinks, the classic mango and pina colada taking you straight to the beaches of India are not to be missed.

Save room for dessert, as Kashkan offers the irresistible gulab jamun cheesecake. Baked with fresh cottage cheese, layered with mini gulab jamuns, and topped with saffron cream, it provides a delightful end to this fantastic meal.

Overall, the experience at Kashkan is enchanting, with a helpful and polite staff. Kashkan aims to bring the freshness of India onto every plate. It's a place worth visiting at least once a month.

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